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Recall Call Center

Sales Customer Service

In a perfect world products would always be manufactured exactly as intended. There would never be a problem with a line of products that have already reached the consumer. Unfortunately, in spite of all best efforts these things happen sometimes. That's where a recall call center steps in to help sort out the issues that require attention.

Companies that sell products often need back up for inbound and outbound phone care management. In the event of a product recall a client of a recall call center can be confident that the important need to address the consumer public is easily facilitated. A recall call center provides a virtual product recall back up system consisting of live operators and customer service representatives. To ensure that all consumer callers can be addressed the recall call center that you choose should have bi-lingual operators on staff.

Major manufacturers, wholesalers and corporations who make and sell merchandise must have a strategy for this type of contingency. Answering service receptionists at a recall call center are prepared to take messages for incoming calls regarding product defects. Polite live operators at a recall call center can record pertinent product and consumer information from callers. Customer service representatives can make outgoing calls from a list of consumers to inform them of a product recall. They can record the information you have predetermined with your recall call center account specialist such as product name, model, date purchased and place of purchase. Informed live operators at a recall call center can advise consumers concerning what to do next and what to expect.

At a recall call center live operators can capture consumer information so that your in-house team can respond after gathering a substantial number of messages. These messages may be archived for you or forwarded via fax or email.

When recall call center live operators answer calls on behalf of a company with defective merchandise it's a delicate matter. Callers will be managed kindly by the recall call center customer service representatives with respect to the nature of their consumer call.

Secure data servers and redundancy systems give the recall call center client additional levels of information protection. Important and sensitive information is kept safe and maintains uninterrupted service, even if a power outage occurs.

Utilizing the services of a recall call center makes good business sense in the product manufacturing industries. Obviously, a product recall situation is certainly not what you want but if it does happen it's smart to outsource to a skilled recall call center.