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Telephone Call Center
telephone call center Our agents are simply the best in the business. Let our courteous, well-spoken telephone representatives revamp your corporate image by intelligently answering your calls and dispatching your messages.
Call Center Services
telephone call center Our large PCI Certified call center specializes in inbound and outbound contact services. We provide catalog order taking, RSVP and event registration services, ad response contact services, brochure and catalog fulfillment and much more!
Call Answering
call answering services Your company requires a call answering service that keeps pace with your business. 1-800 We Answer Call Center connects you with your customers and clients quickly and efficiently. We're the call answering service that does it all.
call answering service 1-800 We Answer is an industry leading Services Company providing 24 hour Business Communication Outsourcing Solutions

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1-800 We Answer HIPAA Compliant Call Center

Worried about HIPAA call center compliance? With us, you don't have to!

Since April 14, 2003, 1-800 We Answer Call Center has been completely HIPAA compliant. We ensure that our HIPAA compliant call center meets the proper HIPAA requirements. 1-800 We Answer HIPAA compliant call center understands all aspects of HIPAA/HHS guidelines, including the HIPAA Privacy Rule and the HIPAA Patient Safety Act. We ensure that patient information is safeguarded and used only for company purposes. With our HIPAA compliant call center, you can trust that the privacy of your patients is protected by our management and state-of-the-art software.

1-800 We Answer HIPAA Compliant Call Center has the necessary software to meet your privacy needs. Our HIPAA Compliant Call Center offers secure voice and data paperless information processing with reliable firewall and anti-phishing software. Our secure voice and data record storage is also encrypted for maximum security. 1-800 We Answer HIPAA Compliant Call Center also offers enhanced call monitoring, tracking, data management, and reporting.

1-800 We Answer HIPAA Compliant Call Center also has advanced and secure back-up capabilities; we are proud to report that our HIPAA compliant call center is more prepared than ever to handle potential complications while ensuring uninterrupted service. Our HIPAA compliant call center promises to protect the integrity of your data through disaster recovery contingencies. Our friendly, reliable live agents always use the utmost precaution with electronic information transfer via phone, page, alpha-numeric page, e-mail, fax, PDA, and internet.

1-800 We Answer HIPAA Compliant Call Center promises that all of our friendly live agents are HIPAA trained and certified and all management participates in HIPAA workshops advised by legal/operational HIPAA consultants. Our HIPAA compliant call center staff is specifically trained in the the HIPAA Privacy Rule's protection of the privacy of individually identifiable health information, the rights granted to individuals, the HIPAA Patient Safety Act's protection of confidential patient safety work product, and the permitted disclosures of patient safety work product. At 1-800 We Answer HIPAA Compliant Call Center, our specialized live agents are not only HIPAA intelligent, but are also friendly, reliable service people who care as much about your company as you do.

At 1-800 We Answer HIPAA Compliant Call Center we continually dedicate ourselves to using the necessary resources to ensure that we remain HIPAA compliant. In addition to providing our management and staff with ongoing HIPAA training, 1-800 We Answer HIPAA Compliant Call Center has enacted specialized HIPAA policies and procedures to ensure the safety of your patients. 1-800 We Answer HIPAA Compliant Call Center has never had an incident in which the privacy of patients has been compromised. Our HIPAA compliant call center's pro-active approach ensures that your patients get the finest service that will perfectly assist you with your HIPAA compliancy needs.

1-800 We Answer HIPAA Compliant Call Center Pricing

1-800 We Answer messaging service pricing is inclusive of your choice of message delivery. Whether you choose to fax, email, or alpha-page, you pay only one low fee. If we call a protocol list of individual numeric pagers, cell phones or landlines, you will only be charged an additional .50 cents per call. 1-800 We Answer messaging service can also supply you with a free front-end voice mail system to screen your calls, allowing non-urgent callers to leave a voice mail while urgent or emergency callers are put through to our live telephone representatives. This service is free of charge and has the advantage of helping you keep costs to a minimum. You will only be charged for the calls handled by a live operator.

call center services frequently don't publish their rates.They ask you personal business questions and set your rate based on how much they think you can afford or are willing to pay. They justify these high rates by promising a quality service, using ambiguous terminology such as "transaction time" or "unit or screen time". Be wary of these terms. At 1-800 We Answer messaging service, we give you excellent service and low published rates.

1. Operator-Answered in Your Company Name, or

2. Recorded-Voice-Answered Service (with FREE voice mail messages), and caller may revert to the operator, who then answers in your name.