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telephone call center Our agents are simply the best in the business. Let our courteous, well-spoken telephone representatives revamp your corporate image by intelligently answering your calls and dispatching your messages.
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telephone call center Our large PCI Certified call center specializes in inbound and outbound contact services. We provide catalog order taking, RSVP and event registration services, ad response contact services, brochure and catalog fulfillment and much more!
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call answering services Your company requires a call answering service that keeps pace with your business. 1-800 We Answer Call Center connects you with your customers and clients quickly and efficiently. We're the call answering service that does it all.
call answering service 1-800 We Answer is an industry leading Services Company providing 24 hour Business Communication Outsourcing Solutions

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At 1-800 We Answer, our Medical Division is of utmost importance; we understand that your patients command the best performance. If your immediate situation with your call center service is less than desirable; if emergency calls are unable to be dispatched per your requirements, understand that operator error can have grim consequences.

Our health care telephone call center is tailored to be fully HIPAA compliant. We realize that every call placed to your practice is essential to your patient's well being. We ensure that your patient's health will never be comprised with our state-of-the-art screening and training process; with us, you won't encounter problems so commonly found in other medical call centers. Patients trust in their doctors; Doctors who care trust 1-800 We Answer.

The most common complaint medical professionals have is inefficiently placed emergency calls. With 1-800 We Answer, this will not happen; we make certain to vigorously screen and train our operators. We hire not only the most technically advanced operators, but also ensure that they are altruistic, genuine people who respect you and your patients, especially when calling regarding emergency situations via off-peak hours. We automate the protocol function that dispatches the correct on-call doctor at the right time of day. Immediately after our operators receive emergency calls, our supervisors personally review each message to make certain it has been dispatched correctly.

For over 35 years, we have received and placed messages for thousands of practices. Our three medical call centers combine the best technology with the most reliable and informed receptionists; this has dramatically improved the industry standard and has made the 1-800 We Answer system the most coveted system to date.
Our mission is to allow you to achieve the altruistic goals of your practice by simplifying your communications system; we will never lose calls or botch messages. We hope that our excellent service will strengthen your practice and your patients' well-being.

We realize that hiring a medical call center is a serious commitment.

However, we also realize that your preferred focus is on your patients, not the technicalities of a complex health care telephone call center voice-mail system. To counter potential complications, we've dedicated ourselves to preemptively eliminating problems before they can adversely affect the health of your patients and practice. Our intensive screening and training process vastly overreaches our competition; we train only the most reliable and congenial personnel available.

Immediately after hire, our operators are rigorously trained and monitored by our veteran supervisors who have extensive years of experience. Our training processes ensure prompt, professional, and friendly call reception as well as clear, concise, and immediate messages. Whether you're a full capacity center or a beginning practice, we will provide secure and confidential treatment of your patients' health information.

Our "voice-mail first" option is cost and time effective; by giving your patients a recorded message, we transfer only emergency calls to a live operator, and direct all other calls to your office voice-mail. Our medical call center also includes appointment setting and confirmation, consult hold, lab result protocol, and prescription dispatch services. Database management is also included for emergency protocol and on-call scheduling.

We dispatch messages a variety of ways: via text messaging to your cell phone or PDA, by sending emails, alphanumeric or numeric paging, faxing messages or operator recorded voicemail. A live operator is also able to transfer a caller to your voicemail if you prefer. If you have more than one doctor in your practice, each individual can have personal, private voice-mail.

Emergency notification can be set up and reconfigured per request.

Health care telephone call center pricing is inclusive of your choice of message delivery. Whether you choose to fax, email, or alpha-page, you pay only one low fee. If we call a protocol list of individual numeric pagers, cell phones or landlines, you will only be charged an additional .50 cents per call. We can also supply you with a free front-end voice mail system to screen your calls, allowing non-urgent callers to leave a voice mail while urgent or emergency callers are put through to our live telephone representatives. This service is free of charge and has the advantage of helping you keep costs to a minimum. You will only be charged for the calls handled by a live operator.

Health care telephone call centers frequently don't publish their rates. They ask you personal business questions and set your rate based on how much they think you can afford or are willing to pay. They justify these high rates by promising a quality service, using ambiguous terminology such as "transaction time" or "unit or screen time". Be wary of these terms. We give you excellent service and low published rates.